Wednesday, August 29, 2018

First Time in India uncemented bilateral TKR successfully performed by SaiShree Hospital

Surgeons at SaiShree Hospital preferred Cementless components because:

•    Uncemented TKR, a surgical procedure to replace the knee joint using biological fixation instead of cement.
•    It helps in preserving important ligament of knee and less bone resection
•    Less pain and improves range of motion prevents clot formation and speeds up the healing process.

Doctors at SaiShree Hospital for Special Surgery, Pune have performed ‘Uncemented Bilateral Total Knee Replacement’ (TKR) surgery successfully on a 58-year-old patient from the city. SaiShree Hospital has become the first in the country to perform this uncemented TKR surgery on both knees.

‘Uncemented TKR’ was performed on both knees on same day, which has happened first time in India at SaiShree Hospital Pune. Patient Anagha Joshi, was suffering from pain in the joints since the last five years, was admitted to Sai Shree Hospital. After the examination of both knees, doctors recommended her to undergo uncemented TKR as the quality of her bone was good enough to support this surgery. After successfully performing this surgery patient returned home within two days. In older patients with poor quality bone or those with osteoporosis, the biological fixation may not be as strong and therefore they may not be ideal candidates for this procedure. However, Anagha Joshi was an exception in this case.

Uncemented TKR is a surgical procedure to replace the knee joint using biological fixation instead of cement to hold the prosthesis in proper position. Fixation is achieved by in growth of bone into microscopic pores present on the surface of the implant, which encourages the natural bone growth onto it. Cementless total knee replacement also appeals to surgeons for young and patients who typically have healthier bones, higher expectations and a longer life expectancy.

Dr Neeraj Adkar, Director, Hip and Knee Surgeon, SaiShree Hospital said, “It’s good for the patient, and we are happy that SaiShree hospital is first in India to successfully perform this uncemented TKR on both knees at a time”.

“I was suffering from joint pains and was frequently consuming pain-killers throughout before the surgery was performed. I faced problem in carrying out my daily activities and could not walk properly. Climbing the steps was an impossible job for me as this caused server pain in my joints. I had to depend on a wooden stick for a support to climb the steps. This deteriorated the quality of my life,” said Anagha Joshi.      

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