Thursday, May 30, 2019

7th State Level fashion show event in Pune by Zeeal Enterprises

·       Zeeal Fashion event will be at five star hotel & date will be 2nd August to 4th August 2019
·       In this event age group will be divided in to 3.5 years to 60 years.
On behalf of social organization “The zeeal enterprises” is organizing seventh state level fashion show in pune. This program will be held at a most prestigious five-star hotel in pune city & event will start in the month of 2nd august 2019 & culmination date will be 4th august 2019.
This big brand program/event is organized for the art lovers & those who provide scope for dormant artifacts in pune. The shows name will be ‘Zeeal Mrs, Miss, Mr,Teen,Kids Maharashtra Level 2019’. In this event age group will be divided in to 3.5 years to 60 years. Enthusiastic girls, boys, women, men also can participate.  The shows round is divided in to three levels like Indian round, western round & indo-western round.
Speaking on the occasion, the Zeeal’s director Sweety Gosavi said that “we organize such a kind of events to give platform to the common people who have passion for the fashion & to make palatial to get step into fashion world that is why we have taken this initiative. The show, which started from Pune city, has been organized in Solapur, Nashik and now the 'Maharashtra' level fashion show, and now this is our goal to take this show to the national level. We will encourage more & more people to take advantage of this opportunity.” 
On this occasion, International Makeup Artist and Director of Cleopatras, Kshama Dhumal said  " Zeeal Fashion Show to be held is an opportunity for Cleopatras . Under the zeeal Fashion Show, 40 to 50 make-up artists will be working and many make-up artists will get an opportunity to prove yourself 
All the make-up in this fashion show will be in sub-3D and HD formats, thanks to the entire zeeal team for the opportunity. "
At the time of press conference Mrs. Urmila Bhosale, Mrs. Revathi Londhe and Shri. Paresh Vaidya and Groomer Piya Roy were present. Also, the show's Kids Department's prize will be offered by Raj Music and Dance Class academy.
To participate in this fashion show registration is available on or else you can call on 8600678133 for more details of registration

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Jupiter Foundation introduces a unique, affordable Kidney Transplant Program for patients across the region

·        Cost of a kidney transplant surgery: Rs 2.75 lakhs
·        Patients needing a kidney transplant to benefit through Jupiter Foundation

The kidneys' function is to filter blood to remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes. Kidney function can fail due to ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure and infection. However, the nature of the organ is so unique that it is possible to lose as much as 80% of kidney function without experiencing any symptoms or problems. When a patient loses 85 to 90 percent of his or her kidney function, they are considered to have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

It is possible to partially replicate the functions of the kidney using a blood filtering procedure known as dialysis. However, this can be inconvenient and time-consuming for the patient as well as the family, so a kidney transplant is the treatment of choice for kidney failure whenever possible.

The challenges faced by ailing families for kidney transplants are two-pronged – 1. getting a cadaver donor and 2. the cost of transplant surgery. Thus, several patients either continue putting up with dialysis or succumb to it due to unaffordability of transplants. Hence, Jupiter Foundation has taken the lead to take over the financial challenge for live-related transplants for end-stage renal disease patients.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr. Ajay Thakker, Chairman and Managing Director of Jupiter Hospital said, "Jupiter Foundation has taken the responsibility to financially assist those in need for a kidney transplant by bearing more than half the cost of the surgery. The patient’s family will only have to pay INR 2.75 lakh for the entire procedure - from day of surgery till discharge - irrespective of any extended stay or treatment due to unforeseen complications. We want to ensure that this facility reaches every patient who is at the last stage of kidney failure with the hope that they live a healthy and long life after kidney transplant”. 

Speaking about live-related donor transplants, renowned multi-organ transplant surgeon Dr. Gaurav Chaubal said, “We have done several successful kidney transplants and always strive to ensure that neither the donor nor the patient face any major problems during or after the surgery. For live-related transplants, we undertake laparoscopic nephrectomy (kidney removal procedure) for the donor - which has several advantages over the conventional open nephrectomy. This enables a shorter hospital stay for the donor with less pain, minimal scars and an enhanced recovery post the surgery.”

Speaking on the occasion, Nephrologist Dr. Shailesh Kakde said, "When a patient suffers from permanent kidney failure, and the functioning of the kidney stops to the extent of 85 to 90 percent, the patient either needs permanent dialysis or a kidney transplant. Transplant frees the patient from the need for dialysis after surgery, dietary restriction is also reduced, the physical and mental health of the patient improves, the cost of treatment gets reduced as compared to dialysis. If a kidney transplant is done before he/she needs dialysis, it can save the patient from Hepatitis B or C while the newly transplanted kidney continues to function well."

Jupiter Hospital is well-equipped with the best available facility to conduct successful transplant surgeries and has been successful in transplanting more than 330 kidneys so far. The hospital is equipped with necessary medical facilities and equipment including a high-quality operation theatre, transplant intensive care unit, beds with dialysis facility etc. In addition, a comprehensive team of full time experts is also available for all kinds of transplants.

Jupiter Foundation provides financial aid through to pediatric patients requiring cardiac surgery under the program 'Hriday-sparsh'. Till date, 65 children have undergone heart surgeries under this program. Jupiter Hospital also runs a Jupiter Charitable Institute in Thane, which is a 51 bedded facility where patients can avail same medical facilities at subsidized costs. The hospital undertakes several such initiatives to ensure that quality healthcare is accessed by maximum number of people in need.

Monday, April 8, 2019

8 year old kid from Aurangabad underwent successful Liver Transplant in city

Mr & Mrs Girnale were shocked & already exhausted when they were told that their kid Master Anush who was suffering from End Stage Liver Diease would not survive without liver transplantation.

Master Anush who had Biliary Atresia  ,a condition where biliary tube narrow down significantly causing progressive liver failure & was struggling in his day to day activity . He was not able to live his life to the fullest like any other kid of his age.His parents were shuttling between Aurangabad & pune since his birth in hope that he will be relieved of his suffering condition . They spent lot on his medical management & were financially exhausted. Then one day when they realise that their kids liver is damaged to an extent that it needs to be changed they were shocked. When they enquired about liver transplant & its expenses, then they were further shaken as it was beyond Budget.

When all hope were lost they saw an advertisement of peripheral clinic conducted by Jupiter Hospital in Aurangabad. They thought of enquired about transplant, where they meet Dr Gaurav Chaubal & things changed for him.

They come to know about jupiter hospital & specialised dedicated liver transplant team in the hospital. Also for pediatric transplant hospital was charging 10 % of actual Liver Transplant expenses. Mr & Mrs Girnale could not believe this & they were thought there may be some hidden cost. But when they actually took the decision & Anush underwent successful liver transplant.
They were happy like never before. They told to pay only what was decided before surgery.

 Mrs Girnale was donor for her son & now both are fit and fine. “It is not easy to perform liver transplant in paediatric patient. In Mast Anush case as he had undergone previous surgery, it was much more difficult, still we are happy that we could do Living Donor Liver Transplantation in him” said by Dr Gaurav Chaubal. HPB Liver Transplant, Chief surgeon, Jupiter hospital, pune.

 Living Donor Liver Transplant is, where in a Living being donating part of their liver to their near & dear ones. Mrs Girnale was immediately “willing to donate liver when she saw hope for her child” said by Dr Sharan Narute HPB & Liver transplant surgery.

Jupiter Hospital have dedicated Liver Team which include immense Name like Dr Parijat Gupte , Dr Vaishali Solao,  Dr Gaurav Chaubal , Dr sharan Narute , Dr pavan Hanchanale , Dr Aditya Nanavati, Mr Sagar Kakad & Dr Sejal Garade. 

“We at Finolex Industries & Mukul Madhav Foundation believe in bringing a smile on the faces of these patients who are in need of financial support. We have always been in the forefront of supporting patients from the lower starta of the society irrespective of caste, creed & religion”, said Mrs. Ritu Prakash Chhabria.

Friday, April 5, 2019

“India is become Knowledge based agricultural economy”– Padmabhushan Dr.Vijay Bhatkar, the Father of Indian Supercomputers

“Great nations are not built on borrowed technology.”

C-DAC with its focus in Advanced Computing is uniquely positioned to establish dependable and secure Exascale Ecosystem offering services in various domains. Dr.Hemant Darbari Director General C-DAC
Techconclave”19 hosted by CDAC
·         CDAC TechConclave 2019 inaugurated at the hands of Padmabhushan Dr.Vijay Bhatkar. Dr. Hemant Darbari (Director General, C-DAC), Col. Asheet Kumar Nath (Retd.) (Executive Director, C-DAC Pune).
·         In Techconclave”19 international speakers & exhibitors are from companies like INTEL, ATOS, MELLANOX, DDN, NVIDIA, NETAPP.

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) arranged two days Technology Conclave TechConclave2019 started from today at Pune.  In TechConclave2019 the emerging areas of Advanced Computing with major thrust on Exascale Computing, Microprocessor and Quantum Computing, AI & Language Computing, IoE and Dependable and Secure Computing and Next Generation Applied Computing. 2-day Technology Conclave at Innovation Park, Panchawati Rd, Mansarovar, Panchawati, Pashan, Pune. On various subjects lectures took place between 8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. and Exhibition Timings (in Hrs.): 10.45 – 12.15; 14.45-20.00  
C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) has become synonymous with supercomputers. CDAC means- any computing environment which makes use of advanced tools, high computational speeds and efficiency to support researchers in different fields such as scientific R & D, weather forecasting, missile simulation, space science, pharmaceutical research and much more to come and research is continuous process.
The inaugural function of the event took place at the hands of Dr. Vijay P Bhatkar (Chairman, C-DAC Technical Advisory Committee), Dr. Hemant Darbari (Director General, C-DAC), Col. Asheet Kumar Nath (Retd.) (Executive Director, C-DAC Pune).

On this occasion Padma bhushan Dr.Vijay Bhatkar renowned Indian computer scientist, IT leader and educationalist. Shared his knowledge,”Exascale Computers will definitely help India to scale new heights in technology and other fields. He highlighted that the future of high-performance computing lies in Exascale Computing. From ancient times like 1000 of years India is been agro based economy , we were predominantly called agricultural country , today we see with rise of Information technology we are called as agroknowledge based economy , I am happy to share that from agricultural economy to Knowledge based economy C-DAC has played vital role in this transformation. Income from IT sector were 8 to 9% of GDP because of this transformation in technology we are reaching to 18 to 20 % of GDP.
 Dr. Hemant Darbari Director General- C-DAC said ,” C-DAC has attained a vantage position in the area of ICTE through its applied pioneering research in the last three decades in various domains in the ever-vibrant global landscape, which includes high impact initiatives such as National Supercomputing Mission (NSM), Mission for Developing Digitally Inclusive and Smart Community (DISC) with focus on Agriculture, Health and Education, Language Technology Applications including Machine Translation, Cross–Lingual Information Access, Speech Technology, Professional Electronics Technologies like Microcontroller & DSP, Strategic Electronics, Wireless & Broadband and Agriculture & Medical Electronics, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics including End System Security, SCADA & Network Security, Cryptanalysis, Steganography and Computer & Cloud Forensics applications and major Bio-Informatics applications including Cancer Research using Artificial Intelligence are a few to mention.
Some other tenacious endeavors translated into high impact initiatives are National Supercomputing Mission, Centre for Excellence in Cyber Forensics, Health Information Solutions, MANTRA-RajyaSabha and National Virtual Library of India (NVLI). PARAM Shavak-‘Supercomputing-in-a-box’ has proved to be a revolutionary game-changer in creation of HPC culture in academia and scientific community alike; e-Sign – Online Digital Signing Service has been adopted by various Government and private agencies, Mobile Seva has integrated more than 4000 Government departments; PANOROMA has enabled GIS based visualization and forecast for maritime sector; roll out of citizen centric eservices for Election Commission of India; transparent automated process for EPFO and development of indigenous microprocessor through the Microprocessor Development Program (MDP) and implementation of trailblazing National Emergency Response System have evoked unprecedented response across the country.
Col. Asheet Kumar Nath (Retd.) (Executive Director, C-DAC Pune) said at the event,” C DAC is having huge reservoir of qualified manpower spanning across vast spectrum of multidisciplinary areas which is devoted to the development of products and technologies addressing our country’s governance , defense and industrial concerns. These areas being often non monopolistic products have to be developed in competition with international commercial players incorporating better technical specifications at lower costs and higher reliability.”

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

IPL fever leads to an overwhelming response to GKCI's cricket training camps

Irrespective of the ongoing season of examinations, girls and boys of the city are not missing a chance to enjoy the IPL matches. That, perhaps, has led to the Gary Kirsten Cricket India (GKCI), receiving an overwhelming response to its proposed cricket training sessions, scheduled to start from April 4. More than 250 budding cricketers have already registered for different training camps to be conducted by GKCI at the Divisional Sports Complex at Shastrinagar in Yerawada. Besides Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad, girls and boys from Mumbai, Aurangabad and Satara have enrolled their names for different training schedules like the Summer Camp, Annual Training Programme, Weekend Training, and Individual Training. Interestingly, the group of trainees who have enrolled at the GKCI includes 10-12 young girls. The training sessions will be conducted under the guidance of renowned South African cricket coach, Ryan Van Niekerk who is the chief coach at GKCI. He will be assisted by talented coaches like Mahesh Hatkar and Upendra Kulkarni.
Those who are yet to register for training, which begins at GKCI from April 4, have a chance to do so at the training venue till March 31 between 10 am and 5 pm.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Gary Kirsten Cricket India opens up registration for training in India

Names to be registered on March 23 and 24 for the summer camp and annual training
·         Gary Kirsten Cricket India to set up a training center at Divisional Sports Complex, Shashtrinagar, Yerawada
·         Training to begin from April 4
·         For pre registrations contact:- WhatsApp on 9112295566 or

Gary Kirsten Cricket India has been established with the aim to provide cricket training of the international standard in Pune. Renowned South African cricketer Gary Kirsten has been the coach of the Indian team too. During the World Cup 2011, he immensely contributed to the victory of the Indian cricket team.  After serving as a trainer at the international level Gary Kirsten has now decided to focus on the field of coaching youngsters.

Registrations for the summer camp and the annual coaching by Gary Kirsten Cricket India will be held on March 23 and 24. Actual training will commence on April 4, 2019. Names of trainees will be registered for summer camp, annual coaching, Saturday
Sunday coaching, personal coaching, and team coaching. Girls and boys of age about four years will be eligible for training in these camps. Training camps of the Gary Kirsten Cricket India will be conducted at the Divisional Sports Complex at Shastri Nagar, Yerawada, Pune.

Details of the coaching camps were shared by Mr. Anand Mittal, CEO of Gary Kirsten Cricket India, and Mr.Ryan Van Niekerk, the chief coach. Mr Upendra Kulkarni and Mahesh Hatkar will also impart training during these camps.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anand Mital said, "There are many talented cricket players in Pune and around. Many of them have displayed their talent and earned recognition at the national as well as international level. Gary Kirsten Cricket India proposes to train and create cricket players of a similar caliber."  
"The venue for the coaching camps is equipped to train 1000 cricket players at the same time," he added.

Mr.Ryan Van Niekerk said, "We have several established and internationally accepted training schedules along with best trainers. We are here to provide Indian cricketers with the best of the coaching. At the same time, we will also invest in equipping our coaches with skills and knowledge about cricket from all over the world. We will ensure the provision of personal guidance for each and every trainee in order to boost their potential."

Training Schedule:
* Personal guidance from Mr.Ryan Van Neikerk: To be conducted from Monday to Friday, these sessions will comprise of three hour-long batches from 4 to 7 pm.
* Summer Camp: To be conducted from 7 to 10 am and 4 to 7 pm from Monday to Friday, this camp will include four 1.5-hour long batches. Every session can have 150 players and the first summer camp will be held in April 2019 while the second one will be conducted in May 2019.
* Saturday-Sunday (Weekend) training: This six-month long training session will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 to 10 am and 4 to 7 pm. There will be two batches for a tow hour-long session.
* Annual training and Half-yearly (six months) training: These sessions will be conducted from Monday to Friday in 1.5 hour-long batches to be held between 4 and 8.30 pm. Every session will have three batches of trainees each. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

ISRO to Organize Space Exhibition on February 15, 16 and 17, 2019

Giant Leap – Taking Space Technology To Schools
Suresh Naik Space Education Center’s Multi - pronged Initiative.

Suresh Naik, Ex-Group Director ISRO, a well known senior space scientist from Pune, along with Mr.Suhas Punekar, Managing Director ‘Punekar Educational Initiaves’ is leading a movement, aiming to give a huge thrust to Space technology education, a fascinating subject which is fast catching the imagination of the students across the country.

As part of this initiative, a highly popular and educative space exhibition by the world-renowned premier organisation of the country, ISRO is being organised in Pune on February 15, 16 and 17, 2019 details about which are given in the adjoining block. Co organiser for it is the prestigious College Of Engineering Pune (COEP) whose students, to their credit, have the distinction of making the student-satellite ‘Swayam’ which was launched by ISRO. ISRO’s Exhibition. Highlights of ISRO Space Exhibition include a set of posters related to ISRO satellites and their applications, Chandrayaan/ Mars mission; scaled down models of ISRO rockets, satellites; a working model showing satellites orbiting around earth; video documentaries show on mars mission and chandrayaan mission; how to join ISRO – IIST. Also ISRO’s Geo portal-BHUVAN website will be demonstrated during the exhibition.    
It will be a great opportunity for the youth not only to learn about ISRO’s history and glorious space missions through posters, models & videos but also to interact with ISRO’s scientists in person.

CubSat Revolution Starts in the country.
"Students thrilled taking first steps to Satellite Technology”.

The low cost of implementation, short preparation time, simplicity of design and the fascinating nature of the subject like Space Technology make this concept of ‘Suresh Naik CubSat workshop’ an excellent practical opportunity for students to take their first steps in space. 

"Punekar Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd" along with "Suresh Naik Space Education Center" Pune, are set to drive a revolution in innovation in Space Technology with an exciting 2 days' premium educational event, comprising of Satellite design, its construction & launching by the school students. 

The first ever CubSat workshop was conducted by us in a School in Pune in July 2018 with resounding success. Since then more than 800 students from various schools in Pune & Lonavala have zealously participated in this exciting workshop.

It is noteworthy that the space technology has been taken to even village school students near Pune through this highly interesting educational mission.

The workshop aims at simulating space environment of real space mission with an objective of providing the basic knowledge of space science, satellites, electronics and embedded systems followed by the on-hands activity by the students'-groups under the guidance of experienced trainers.

This mission is ideally designed to provide the first-step-training to the school students for the development of real satellite. That is why the name "CubSat".

These desirous students are given a specifically prepared brief syllabus based on which an entrance test (MCQ) is conducted. Based on the performance the students are selected. Separate tests are conducted for students of 6th to 8th class & 9th to 12 th class. 

In this novel workshop a miniature satellite, weighing about 350 grams fitted into a structure slightly bigger than a soft- drink can and equipped with a parachute would be assembled by groups of 5 students each.

The students also make the parachute & the ground station as a part of the workshop. A specially designed kit provides the students with all the parts, materials & tools. After the integration, the system is tested by the students on the ground before the launch.

The climax of this dramatic mission would be the launching of the CubSats. The students really enjoy watching their selfmade CubSat flying 15/20 m high with the help of drone, after getting detached the satellite descending gracefully with the help of a parachute, and at the same time transmitting the atmospheric data in real time wirelessly like air temperature etc. using a ground station also built by them.

The mission is guided by the eminent space scientist Suresh Naik, Ex-Group Director ISRO & the present Chairman of International Space Society, who is well known as a 'crusader for popularising Space Science' among the students of the country since the last two decades. 

Suhas Punekar, the Chairman Punekar Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd has planned to take this immensely interesting & inspiring educational mission to thousands of school students in Maharashtra and other parts of the country and start a revolution in the field of spreading the knowledge about the fascinating Space Technology.

On 15th February 3rd event of the SSEC & PEI will take place in the auditorium of the Ganesh Kala & krida Munch, in which the would be launched followed by an interesting talk on Space Technology related topic by Prof. Suresh Naik and others to the students.

ISRO Space Exhibition.
Venue: Ganesh Kala Krida Manch. Near Swargate. Pune.
Dates & timings for students:
February 15 & 16: 9 am to 7 pm.
February 17: 9 am to 1 pm.

Dates & timings for general public:
February 15 & 16: 4 pm to 7 pm.

Admission to the exhibition:
Entirely free; but for the students interested schools should contact for admission passes
Contact:  Ms. Anita:- 9422344601
               Ms. Leena:- 8380075631

Address:- Nakshatra, Bhagyoday Nagar, Lane-1,opp Konark E –square near Satyanand Hospital, Londhe Khurd, Pune- 411048

Time & dates for collection:
From: 09 February-10 am 5 pm. to 13 February 10 am to 5 pm.

Note: The students of every school will get admission to the exhibition only during the time slot & date mentioned behind their admission pass.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

QNET Entrepreneurs kick off 2019 by Raising Funds for Underprivileged Community in 22 Cities including 3 cities from Maharashtra

  • Funds raised to support basic necessities, essential commodities, sports materials, first-aid kits
  • 26 events planned across 22 cities in the country
  • Pledged sums of up to INR 1 Lakh in each city

Pune, January 08, 2019: Independent representatives of Direct Selling company QNET have once again come together, this time to brighten up the New Year for the underprivileged. In a series of events spread across 22 cities throughout India, various groups of Independent Representatives have come forward to raise funds and help underprivileged communities.

Over hundreds of entrepreneurs, who are professionals across all age group, run a successful direct selling business with QNET, have pledged up to INR 1 lakh per city towards important causes benefiting a local community in need. While various Independent Representatives have been coming together during Diwali every year, this is the second year that some of them have initiated such activities during the New Year to reinforce their commitment to helping communities and their own belief in the spirit of giving.

As part of this effort the group of entrepreneurs in Maharashtra covered three cities including Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur by providing essential commodities including toiletries, stationaries, books, sports materials, first-aid kits and audio-visual equipment.

The activities were carried across various organisations including Bhatkya Vimukt Jati Sjokshan Samatha in Pune, Save the Smile Social Foundation in Mumbai and Jeevan Ashray Seva Sanstha in Nagpur.

The effort in all the three cities along with other entrepreneurs in other centres echoed the sentiments of the group saying “QNET has helped us transform not only our lives, but the lives of those around us. Sharing the abundance created by the opportunity provided to us by the direct selling industry is our way of giving back to the community this New Year.”

Commenting on the effort, QNET Global CEO Trevor Kuna said “The initiative undertaken by our Independent Representatives in their individual capacity is truly encouraging. QNET’s underlying philosophy of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind is the force that drives a lot of what we do. It is a reflection of our business, which is about empowering people to take control of their lives, so that they can, in turn, help empower their communities. After all, there is no better feeling than doing well while you are doing good”.

QNET had in the past partnered with the Cancer Patients Aid Association in Mumbai to support the treatment of children with cancer from low-income families. QNET had also contributed significantly towards the Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign by partnering with the Lions Club in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad on a number of projects including clean drinking water, nutrition education and health camps for children.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Encourage young minds to think critical, challenge themselves in chess and life: Viswanathan Anand

  • Grandmaster played with 12 students simultaneously
  •  Top 10 participants were honoured with Prize money, trophy and certificate
Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand won the Edify Chess Tournament against the 12 champions in 1:12 match, a unique tournament organised by Edify International School and Pune District Chess Association held at Edify International School Hinjewadi.
This was the unique chess tournament for school student aged between 5 and 16 years. The preliminary rounds were held on November 17- 18, 2018, which witnessed around 486 participants from Pune.

While interacting with media Grandmaster said, “I am very happy, that Edify International School is focused and passionate in building these critical skills by encouraging the young minds to think critically, to challenge themselves to do things every day they couldn’t do before, both in chess and life to accept winning and losing outcomes gracefully.”
Ms Priya Anand, Head of School said, “This was the most unique opportunity for students of Pune as it gave them an experience to play with the Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand. Huge thanks to everyone who participated in this event. It was an exhilarating experience to compete with fellow competitors.”

Mr. Joseph D’Souza, Chairman, Pune District Chess Association said, It is a Golden opportunity for the budding youngsters of Pune, who have qualified to pit their skills with the legendary five times World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand. For others it was the witnessing the games and learning from the nuggets of wisdom given by the Legend himself.  Kudos to Edify International School & Pune District Chess Association for providing this excellent opportunity to the Chess fraternity of Pune.

The top 10 participants Kashish Jain, Shivraj Pingle, Digambar Jail, Keval Nirgun, Advait Patil, Prem Mhetre, Sahil Dhobale, Yuvraj Patil, Aryan Singla and Dhiren Mor were honoured with prize money, trophy and certificates. And Atharva Bagul and Chhavi Bafna were felicitated with a medal by Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand. The prize money for top 10 participants was 1) Rs.10, 000/- 2) Rs.6000/- 3) Rs. 4000/- 4) Rs. 2500/-, 5)2500/- 6) Rs. 2000/- 7) Rs 2000/- 8) 2000/- 9)2000/- and 10) 2000/-

The Edify International School offers a broad, rich and challenging curriculum based on the world-renowned IB programmes. It promotes a strong foundation in the academic disciplines, a broad exposure to the liberal arts, and selective opportunities to pursue individual interests.

Media contact: Aspire PR & Strategies Pvt. Ltd, Shekhar Wagh  9967348414, 9689966141-020 24488778

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Indian developers contribute actively to open source projects: DigitalOcean Currents Report

Developers in India are more likely to contribute to open source than developers from other countries, with more than two-thirds (68 percent) actively participating.

23rd Nov, Bangalore India: DigitalOcean, the cloud services platform designed for developers brings out key developer cloud trends through its quarterly Currents report. In the fifth edition of Currents, they focused entirely on open source, to coincide with the movement’s 20-year anniversary. They asked more than 4,300 respondents around the world about the state of open source, including how they and their companies use it and what inspires them to support the community.

The following are some key findings from the report: 

• Twenty years in, just over half of developers surveyed are contributing to open source projects (55 percent). However, that is less than what companies expect from their employees: three out of four respondents said their companies expect them to use open source software as part of their day-to-day development work.

• Two of the most prominent barriers preventing developers from getting involved in open source are not knowing where to begin, and doubting they have the right skills. Companies not giving their employees time to contribute is also a large factor.

• Of the five major tech companies — Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple — developers overwhelmingly said Google is most supportive of the open source community, followed by Microsoft. Apple ranked last.

• There’s a disconnect between companies’ encouragement of open source within their organizations, and their actual investment. Only 18 percent of respondents said their company is a member of an open source-related organization, and 75 percent said their company invests $1k or less every year in donations to open source.

• Newer developers actively contribute more to open source than veteran developers: While 55 percent of respondents said they actively contribute to open source projects, developers with five or fewer years of experience were significantly more likely to contribute (60 percent) than developers with six or more years of experience. This participation boost from newer developers aligns with the overall perception that the open source community is healthy and growing (89 percent).

Prabhakar Jayakumar, Country Director, DigitalOcean India says “This year marks both the 20th anniversary of the open source movement, as well as the 5th year of Hacktoberfest, our annual month-long celebration of open source. DigitalOcean Currents highlights the latest trends among developers in the cloud and our latest edition carries interesting insights on the potential of open source software”.

• Developers want an easier entry point into the open source community: 45% of developers listed “difficulty knowing how to get started” as the primary barrier preventing them from contributing to open source projects. Other key challenges included developers feeling they don’t have the right skills to contribute (44%) & companies not offering time for employees to contribute (30%).

• Companies expect developers to use open source technologies at work, but don’t invest as much in the broader community: Nearly three out of every four respondents said their companies expect them to use open source software as part of their day-to-day development work, but only 18 percent of employees said their companies actively participated in open source organizations (e.g. Apache Foundation, Node.js Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation). The cost of participating in these organizations is the biggest barrier (38 percent), and 75 percent of respondents said their companies also donated just $1k or less to these organizations in the last year.

• Javascript, Python and PHP are among the top 3 programming languages that developers primarily use when engaging with open source

• Companies evaluating open source technologies look primarily for ones that are widely used, and have great documentation and active maintainers. At the same time, poor documentation and security concerns are a few reasons why companies opt against open source.

About DigitalOcean:

Founded in 2012, DigitalOcean provides the easiest cloud platform to deploy, manage, and scale applications of any size, removing infrastructure friction and providing predictability so developers and their teams can spend more time building software that customers love. DigitalOcean has a $200 million run rate and a community of 3.5 million developers with 12 data centres across the globe. In addition to its headquarters in New York, DigitalOcean has an office in Cambridge, Mass. and remote employees around the world. For more information, simply visit or follow @digitalocean on Twitter.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Radisson Blu Pune Hinjawadi gears up for ‘the’ cake mixing of 2018 in style!

Radisson Blu Pune Hinjawadi has churned out something, which can only be called the right ingredient to make life a little tastier for this year. A cake mixing ceremony was held, which was special in many ways.
This ceremony marked the onset of Christmas festivities with rejoicing the liberty to be who you are. This grand affair was a carnival of ‘freedom to love’ and also beginning of the end of prejudices. It was a gala evening for everyone who love life and celebrate being loved every single day.
The event was graced by the prominent members of LGBTQ community of the city like Sonali Dalvi, Niki Ray and not to be missed, Ashish Chopra who emerged to be the 1st runner up of Mr. Gay World India Pageant 2018.
Speaking about the event, Pankaj Saxena, General Manager of Radisson Blu Pune Hinjawadi said, “As the year starts with its last lap of journey, it is the right time to do something special. We, therefore thought of celebrating the freedom of love and to be different every moment with this community,”
Donning chef caps and gloves, the guests along with the hotel staff joined in the spirit of cake mixing. The ceremony was followed by high tea and patrons loved every bite of smoked salmon with cream cheese, Mushroom with cheddar Wantons and Rainbow Gateaux. With hints of peaches and passion fruit, the guests also guzzled the exquisite coral pink wine ‘Brut Tropicale’ from the house of a leading wine producer in India, which has been awarded the ‘Best Indian Sparkling Wine’ and is also India’s first Blanc de Noir.
Expected to be an event of its own kind, the cake mixing ceremony comes at the time when everyone is busy making a list of resolutions for New Year. But Radisson Blu Pune Hinjawadi will only make it special by making sure that they usher this New Year in style with hope, happiness and harmony for 2019.
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