Tuesday, May 22, 2018

22 Year Old Gymnast Gets New Life After Neck Injury

Doctors at SaiShree Hospital saved life of a 22 years old gymnast from Pune, Vijay Ingale, who fell on neck while his routine practice sessions and was complaining of neck stiffness and pain. On getting x-rays, he was diagnosed to have dislocation of 4th cervical vertebra over 5th. Fractures or dislocations around this region of the spine are either fatal or associated with partial to complete paralysis of all 4 limbs. Luckily this patient despite of having a dislocation in his cervical spine did not suffered any injury to the spinal cord.

Similar case of 20 years old wrestler from Kolhapur, Nilesh Kandurkar where his opponent grabbed him by the waist and lifted him in the air in a wrestling move known as the ‘Ekchak’.  Nilesh in trying to free himself landed on his neck with full force and the impact was so powerful that he became unconscious. Doctors confirmed that, Nilesh had suffered neck and spinal cord damage due to the massive impact on landing and he died due to delayed treatment. 

Dr. PaiRaiturkar, Spine Surgeon at Sai Shree Hospital, said, “Vijay’s case was very challenging.  ‘Crutchfield tongs’ which consist of 2 pins inserted in the skull bone and attached to a pulley, were applied and gradual traction was given. Patient had to be monitored continuously to watch for any deterioration of neurological function. The traction was increased gradually and portable x-rays were taken every 30 minutes till reduction of the vertebra was achieved.”

 Dr. Ketan Deshpande Spine Surgeon, Sai Shree Hospital said, “High index of suspicion is necessary in diagnosing such cases. Lack of knowledge may prompt the patient to opt for neck massaging, or manipulation which could be devastating in such hidden injuries.”

After reduction patient was taken for open surgery where the dislocated vertebrae were fused together using bone graft, plates & screws. “Due to prompt diagnosis and treatment we could successfully mobilized the patient on the next day and he was discharged after 4 days.” said Dr. Neeraj Adkar, Director and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Sai Shree Hospital.

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