Friday, December 22, 2017

Take ‘Asra’ from deAsra to Start Your Own Business

The trend of setting up own business in India is picking up these days. However, not everyone is well equipped to manage the processes involved in doing so. In a bid to help such entrepreneurs and make them aware of the process involved, deAsra Foundation had arranged a workshop “Start Your Own Small Business” on Friday at Alpa Bachat Bhavan, Aga Khan Road, Agarkar Nagar Pune.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that for the success of the “Start-up India, Stand up India” campaign, the youth of India must “turn from job-seekers to job-creators”. Taking a step towards this deAsra Foundation helps entrepreneurs to start their own business, helps them to manage their business, as well as grow their business.
For, those who want to start small enterprises; business growth can make use of social media and guidance by Mentors from deAsra who have more than 35 years of rich experience in banking and financial sector.
Speaker at the event and deAsra’s Mr. Prakash Agashe said, “Once you start a business, you have already achieved 50 % of what you dream about,” he further said, “The once actual work starts, this need to keep a close eye what you do and make strategies for consistent and ensure the sustainable development of scalability of a business”.
Mr. Agashe a entrepreneur facilitator at deAsra added that, “The long term success of your business requires that you assemble right talent at right time, which helps to build your brand.”
  As yet another December the 31st comes closer, deAsra is encouraging want to be entrepreneurs to make their start-up new year resolutions, and to ensure that you see them through, they’re offering that entrepreneurs use their system succeed.

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