Sunday, December 3, 2017

Netsurf launches All-in-one Anti-Pollution Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for Women & Men by Herbs & More!

Pune, December, 2017:  Netsurf, an indigenous direct selling- FMCG company, today announced the launch of its new All-in-one Anti-Pollution Face Wash for Women & Men, inspired by the Vitamin Therapy.
Herbs & More by Netsurf Network presents a new face wash for females- Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for HER. It is enriched with Honey, Lychee, Neem, Basil, Wheat Protein, etc. The female facial skin is the most delicate, pampered, minutely observed, decorated and nurtured part of their body. Hence, all they need is a solution to protect it from the harsh climate and from the occurrences of blackheads, acne and pigmentations; to nourish it with pure nutrients; to make it look young and glowing; to keep it presentable all the time.
Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for HER helps to absorb and retain moisture in skin, and thus keeping the skin well hydrated, fresh and supple. Protects the skin against oxidative stress caused by environmental pollution and removes blemishes and gives glowing skin. It has nourishing & rejuvenating properties. Vitamin B3 is an anti-acne agent and keeps skin hydrated and also replenishes skin tone. Vitamin E helps to protect and preserve skin cells, resulting in youthful look.
Herbs & More by Netsurf Network worked hard on a few natural ingredients and crafted a special face wash for men- Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for HIM. It is enriched with Avocado, Moringa, Neem, Basil, Wheat Protein, Vitamin B3 etc. Given that their skin structurally different, approximately 25% thicker than women and with a tougher texture, it is obvious that it won’t settle with a unisex or female face wash. It needs something extra, something that understands it better, nourishes it, nurtures it but doesn’t damp it with a feminine floral scent at the same time.
Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for HIM is in rich in natural Vitamin B3 is an anti-acne agent. It keeps skin hydrated and also replenishes skin tone. Vitamin E helps to protect and preserve skin cells, resulting in youthful look. Avocado whitens, moisturize, and soften the facial porters and eliminate acne, Moringa contains great anti-ageing properties. Wheat Protein nourishes skin and helps in reducing wrinkles. Neem helps in treating acne, scars, pigmentation and blackheads. Tulsi helps in treating acne and provides nourishment to the skin and tightens it.
All 2 face washes are available in 100 ml pack and are priced is very attractively at Rs. 220 and it is available online on

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