Thursday, November 23, 2017

Lila Poonawalla Foundation: Empowering & Transforming Lives

Joy, Tears, Jitters and Laughter followed by the Loud and Thunderous applause of the proud parents and guardians. Such was the atmosphere one could witness at the recently concluded, Lila Poonawalla Foundation UG-PG Scholarship Award Function, for girls studying in the Educational Institutes across Pune District.
Divided into Morning and Evening Sessions, the Function was held on the 4th of November, 2017 at S.G. Barve Hall, Alpa Bachat Bhavan, for the new batch of Lila Girls and Fellows. Until now LPF has supported and empowered over 6000 girls, in its 21 year Journey.

Wanting to give every girl the recognition, she deserves the Foundation had not 1 but 2 award functions, with 2 noted Corporate Personalities and 2 of its very own Lila Fellows as Chief Guests and Guest of Honours, respectively.
On this occasion, Padmashri Lila Poonawalla, Chairperson of LPF, began her speech by talking about the role an educated girl child plays in the family, society and the economy at large. She spoke about how girls are working at respectable positions in reputable companies, are not only contributing constructively to the growth of the Company but also contributing to the growth of the Country. She talked about how the working girls help change the mindset of their families and society and create awareness about equality not just at home but also at the workplace. She thanked the Partners for continuously bestowing their Trust on LPF and the transparent working methods of LPF. She spoke about how the Transparency of the processes has led the partners to enhance their trust on LPF and build a more long lasting partnership with LPF. She concluded by thanking Board of trustees and the entire Panel members for their hard work.
Mr. Tarun Sharma (CEO, BMC Software India) stressed upon the ripple effect, a working girl can create within her family, the society she lives in and the country at large. He also spoke about how BMC is doing its bit to support gender equality within the company
Dr. Poonam Pahari (Lila Fellow 1996, Scientist -BARC) spoke about the need of educating more and more girls so that they can be confident and independent both mentally as well as financially. She also reminisced about the time she spent at the Foundation, learning and developing.
 Mr. Rajat Raheja (General Manager, Amdocs India) candidly encouraged the girls not to let anyone stand in the way of achieving their dreams. He concluded by urging the girls to attend the Training Programs, arranged by LPF, so that they too can become intelligent and independent like their Mom (Mrs. Lila Poonawalla).
Ms. Neetu Bhatia (Lila Fellow 1996, Chairman and CEO, (1st ever Lila Fellow to receive the post graduation overseas scholarship) spoke about how innovative business practices can be attributed to the Female Employees, thanks to their ever present quick thinking and multitasking. She concluded by talking about how this Award Function turned out to be her home-coming and how great it felt to be back in the midst of it all.

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