Monday, November 27, 2017

Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Hon. A C Shukla had an interactive sessions with the CA fraternity of Pune

Pune, 23 November 2017 :-  Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Hon. Shri A C Shukla had an interactive sessions with the Chartered Accountants fraternity of Pune at Pune Branch of ICAI wherein he presented the views of the department’s expectations from the CA fraternity in Widening and deepening of the tax base. This could be achieved only if the fraternity helps the department in achieving this objective for the overall development of the nation.

He also stated that the CA fraternity are the most important characteristics in the trust they enjoy both of their clients and the government. His emphasis was on being truthful in your thoughts and action which will go a long way in achieving the objective of paying good & honest taxes. He further stated that Direct Taxes are progressive and not regressive as indirect taxes. He narrated the importance in the various historical books written on the subject namely the Vedas and Bhagwat Geeta.

The Principal CCIT also involved the fraternity in busting stress by meditation for which he took efforts.

The interactive seminar was attended by renowned CAs & Principal Commissioners of Income Tax namely Shri.Satyakam Mishra, Pr.CIT-1, Smt. Hemlatha Devi G.V, Pr. CIT-2, Shri Ravindra Patel, Pr. CIT-3, Smt.Bhanumathi M.V, Pr. CIT-4, Shri Ashok Kumar Pandey, Pr. CIT-6.

On the subject of the new Direct Tax code which is in the offing he stated that the new legislation should not only be simple to understand but should also be less compliant.

As far as, Direct tax collection growth in concerned, Pune region stood second in the Nation for which he praised the efforts put in by the CA fraternity and thanked the office bearers of the Pune Branch & Vice –Chairman CA Anand Jakhotiya of WIRC of ICAI for enabling this interactive meet.

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